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Let’s face it, in order to live a comfortable life on planet earth, you require the currency known as money. Therefore, we come to the conclusion that money IS a required energy to fulfil your PHYSICAL desires during your lifetime.

The following article is based on my experiences with the work I do with my clients both with business owners and those who work for a wage, career etc. 

The way I define Money Blocks, is simply as an energetic frequency that BLOCKS or hinders the smooth FLOW of the energetic frequency of your money. BOTH the block and your money are energetic frequencies.

There are roughly three types of money blocks, these can be categorised into short, medium and long term energies.

This is how it works, a short term money block, is caused by anything and everything that creates an energetic block during your day. If this block is not healed, the block continues to ATTRACT more energy that resonates with its frequency, leading to a medium term block. You can see the pattern and the medium term energetic bubble now grows at a faster rate and forms a deep seeded long term block.

So how do you identify a block before it gets too big?

Simple, anytime you notice the flow of your money changing, slowing down, becoming erratic, do not ignore it, it is NOT a coincidence, it is a SYMPTOM. So pay attention, trace it back to when the pattern first appeared and identify the event that caused the block in the first place.

Identifying medium and long term blocks takes a bit more digging, decoding and analysis.

As always energetic principles are simple yet complicated to ACTUALLY practice and this is where most people come undone.

Identifying a short term block may require you to revisit a painful, shameful, guilt filled, anger filled memory. It is for this reason that you decide to suppress it, band aid it and move on with your day, instead of dealing with it.

Once your block has been identified you then need to clear it, so your short term money flow can resume a healthy flow.

This process is a bit like taking the temperature of the atmosphere in a green house, you need to monitor the temperature of your financial greenhouse regularly.

If you would like to work with me to Identify and clear your money blocks I would love to hear from you. please visit me me at

soul enchantress, money blocks, money making, wisdom codes
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