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As you close yet another year and are about to embark On a brand-new one, I thought you would like some steps that you can take to “put your house in order” so to speak.

This article is not going to be long however it’s message is very effective if you actually put it into practice.

Here’s a simple process that you can undertake to close this year and begin afresh.


  • Take stock of what this year has been about.

  • Think about what it has brought you,

  • Taken from you,

  • Made you into,

  • Given you,

  • Tested you,

  • Made you understand and

  • Anything else you feel you want to add.


Now look at what you wish to release - the experiences, people, events, habits, beliefs, fears, doubts and more.

Write everything down because when you do, you are acknowledging what needs to go.

Now go ahead and release what you don’t want , burn it if you wish. However be aware that some of what you wish to release for example such as fears, beliefs etc may take some time AND you may need help from a professional.

I do not believe in nor do I condone the entire DIY movement for inner work.

When it comes to inner work you are NOT impartial, you are very much part of the solution AND the problem, so getting outside help is a definite must if you actually want to succeed. The reason I say this is because I see so many people struggle for years trying to do their own inner work and all they end up doing is running around in circles.

Even the most successful sports people, business owners and those in authority hire coaches and mentors for that reason, because they want to succeed and you usually will NOT see or be able to acknowledge your own short-comings and or be able to push yourself across the finish line due to exhaustion or lack of motivation.


This is is the fun part… getting very clear about what you want your NEW YEAR to look, be and feel like.

Push your boundaries and imagine the beautiful life you know you deserve.

I hope this process helps you to get ready for the new year.

As always if you would like to work with me to attract your desires easily, I would love to hear from you.

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Joyous Blessings

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