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Why Your Life Is A Movie & How To Navigate Smoothly!

What is reality?

How do you navigate a smoother flow of life experiences?

These questions form the basis of my work.

As a sorceress I work in the energetic realms, where Time, Space and your Reality are illusions!

My work is to help you, destroy and clear etheric bottlenecks, cords and implanted entities and programs and help you navigate a smoother course through your reality called “life”.

In order for you to understand the concepts of energy and reality and how your life is experienced, here are a few morsels of wisdom.

You are an ENERGETIC force and are NOT your body. Your consciousness is omnipresent and therefore exists and experiences “realities” in MULTIPLE dimensions. If that was hard to wrap your head around I also need you to add the following concept to it. You are experiencing these multiple realities SIMMULTANEOUSLY!

Now we get to the explanation about your current life.

You actually create ALL of your experiences and hence your reality.

Therefore (here’s the part most people find hard to accept, acknowledge and understand) you also create ALL of your bottlenecks, blocks, etheric cords, embedded programming or implants, allow entities to feed on your energy and in some cases to dwell within you.

I am grateful that my energetic gifts allow me to actually SEE inter dimensionally and I can see your etheric cords, embedded implants, entities, your energetic bodies across dimensions and then some :)

If you are a client of mine, you will know that I constantly ask you to acknowledge your accountability for your life, fortify your psyche with protection and constantly destroy your etheric blocks.

The secret to smoothening your life is continuous maintenance of your PERCEPTION of your Role in creating your experiences. 

I absolutely love working with you to raise your consciousness to understanding your power.

In a nutshell, if you experience your life as you experience a movie, you will be able to smoothen out the “bumps” that life brings you.

What I mean by this is that, when you watch a movie, you emerse yourself in that reality for the duration of the movie. Everything that happens on the screen is very real, too real sometimes, and depending on the genre of the movie, you may freak out, get scared, angry, jealous, be envious, cry, laugh and even feel heroic and exhilarated to name just a few emotions.

However, you KNOW that all of those emotions and experience of the movie was an illusion. So after the movie you “switch” straight back to your other reality called “life and living”.

The movie at the end of the day, DID NOT squash your flow, because you knew it was simply an energetic experience.

So why don’t you live life that way?

After all Life IS the biggest illusionary experience!!

READY TO Live by… Your Rules, Your Way?

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I would love to hear from you.

The Soul Enchantress is an energetic visionary, cosmic sorceress, seer and shaman who works with entrepreneurs around the globe.
She helps business leaders find solutions to their problems, achieve HUGE goals and design a luxuriously fulfilling soul~driven lifestyle that allows them to live, work and play on their terms.
Her work is highly sought after!
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