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Here's How You Are Becoming a Slave Instead of the Master of Your Destiny by Searching For Predictions!

Yet another email arriving in my inbox promoting another divination tool, sent me on a spinning reel of messages that decided to pour in and this article is the result. 

There is a huge trend among people seeking answers and guidance to everyday challenges and problems to look for predictions.

These predictions that they or you are seeking, is to receive a definitive answer to your question.

So off you go to an astrologer, a tarot card reader, a psychic, a medium or maybe you pour over your own tools of divination. Oracle cards, tarot, runes, ogham, dice, charms and so this endless list goes on.

Then once you receive an answer you continue to look at it from another angle, using another tool, another reader, and then yet another tool, another reader, the same reader, again and again and yet again.

Do you see what you are doing?

You are spiralling completely and utterly and wholly OUT of control.

You have now become a Slave to your desires INSTEAD of mastering them.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because I see this spiral of hopelessness everyday on social media, and in new clients who find me.

The answer you are looking for with your predictive future is simple in theory, yet one of the hardest to actually master.

The predictive answer to your "Will I?" OR "Won’t I?" questions is BOTH!

Yes You Will AND No You Won’t!


Your future has BOTH possibilities, to tell you that only ONE possibility exists is a lie.

So if your future has both possibilities, then how do you GET what you WANT?

Easy, simply align with that vibration.

The hard part is the actual METHOD of alignment and staying aligned, to merge with your desire in the physical realm and thereby experience it’s manifested reality.

This ELUSIVE yet powerful method, like everything in the multiverse is as multi faceted as you are a multi-dimensional being.

So EVERY alignment, every desire, every person, every intention, every manifestation has a different method.

It is this method in in its myriad of forms that I help my clients to access, implement and realise their desires.

Stop looking for predictions, instead seek energetic-strategy and vibrational alignment.

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