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Many people make this classic mistake when it comes to understanding money, cash flow , bills and having enough and more money for all your wants and needs.

That MISTAKE is in NOT paying your bills ON TIME.

Before I explain, if you are struggling with not enough money to pay your bills, therefore are falling behind in payment, then you need to get financial help plus advice ASAP. You must start a payment plan, create a budget and a savings plan first.

Okay now back to WHY you must pay your bills on time.

When it comes to the energetics of money and bills they are interrelated! 

What?…. I hear you scream.

Yes the two components of MONEY and BILLS ARE in fact interrelated.

Money is the INflow and Bills the OUTflow.

Think of money FLOW as a beautiful everflowing stream, it starts at the top and ends up eventually in the ocean, where it then evaporates and enters the cycle again.

However if at any point in the stream, you put a large obstacle in the way, the stream will overflow in all directions and eventually the stream will dry out.

The same is true of money.

When you PAY a bill ON TIME you KEEP the stream of money CIRCULATING and flowing continuously.

However as soon as you decide to DELAY your payment because you want to hang on to the money you have, usually due to FEAR that you may not have enough for the next bill. What you are in fact doing is DELAYING payments that are due to YOU. 

You are in fact delaying your MONEY IN-flow. 

Next time, pay attention and see if when you delay your bills, whether the money that is owed TO you, for some reason gets delayed too. Or maybe the new project or product you were hoping to sell or sign off on, now does not sell or gets delayed.

I watch this happen EVERY Day to those who make a lot of money and those who make enough to get by.

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INSTEAD of delaying payment, practice this.

Even if you have just enough for your current bill, DESPITE your fear you may not have enough when your next bill comes due, go ahead PAY your current bill by its due date. 

Now watch because slowly but surely, as if by magic you will ALWAYS have enough to pay each and every bill when they are due!

How do I know this works?

Because I see the reverse happen to those who delay paying their bills.

I practice what I just revealed and my bills are always paid on time and the money is ALWAYS there!

If you would like to work with me on destroying your FEARS and shift beliefs and paradigms related to past failures that are blocking your flow of money and be able to pay all your bills on time, every time, I would love to hear from you.

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