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Why You MUST Fill Yourself Up First Before Giving To Another

“Your cup runneth over” is part of an ancient verse. It also synchronistically played over and over in my mind (out of nowhere, I might add) after a soul Journey session in December.

The reason I mention this verse and my soul journey session, is that it was all related to preparing for a new year.

The message I am trying to convey through this article is simple, You MUST fill YOURSELF up BEFORE you help another.

For when you actively practice this, you will find that you can GIVE of your talents, your kindness, your empathy and even of yourself WITHOUT depleting your energies. Thereby you are able to give INFINITELY.

Which is in stark contrast to what happens with many people. I've found that the biggest culprits are the most wonderfully intentioned. Mothers as a generalised group, give so much, non-stop with no replenishment.

Let's delve into you...

Do you find yourself worn out, burnt out, tired, irritable, resentful and even exhausted and exasperated at the constant demand on your energy, time, money, compassion, attention or the demand on yourself?

Firstly please understand you are NOT alone in feeling this way. This is how many live their lives. In kind of a self professed martyrdom. You and all those who feel this way, may think you are doing the right thing by your boss, spouse, family, children, friends and even yourself.

However, you are wrong to think that depleting yourself to give, is actually how you are meant to experience life.

The natural state of the multiverse that you are a part of, is actually an OVERFLOWING abundance of energy. So believing you need to deplete yourself to make a difference and do good in this world or to better yourself and your family, is actually working AGAINST the natural laws of the multiverse!

I can hear you asking, “What am I supposed to do instead?” My answer to you is, “Nothing!!!”

Because you DON’T need to DO anything, its what you NEED to acknowledge and allow, that will make all the difference.

Acknowledge that you are over-committing in whatever area you feel drained and depleted.

Decide enough is enough.

Acknowledge that YOU are an intricate part of this overflowing energetic multiverse.

Now, ALLOW yourself to fill yourself up FIRST.

When you feel replenished, rested, calm, serene and overflowing, go ahead and GIVE.

Living this way will allow you to always be giving and receiving simultaneously without depleting either end.

Want strategies to fill your cup up first? Strategies that are born from your very own soul’s desires for overflowing? I would love to hear from you.


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Joyous Blessings

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