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First a few facts…

I am NOT a feminist.

My clients are Male and extremely successful.

I Revere, value and appreciate the energetics of masculine energy.

This article is about the energetics of the modern man or men in general in today’s society.

My observations come from what I see in the physical World and as always the energetics that relate to it.

The old adage ‘’Behind Every Successful Man is a Powerful Woman!’’ Is not a fallacy and a very astute energetic observation.

Men in general, are embedded with the genetics, ancestral and DNA coding of being the warrior, breadwinner and overall hero.

Empathy and the expression of their emotions in most societies have been frowned upon for millennia.

So when it comes to relating to your CORE soul essence and living FROM that essence of who you are and being able to accept ALL of yourself, the DARK and the LIGHT, the STRENGTHS and especially the INSECURITIES that dwell deep within your subconscious… men struggle with it MORE than women.

Men also feel that giving AWARENESS to their insecurities, fears and concerns is a show of WEAKNESS.
When in fact it is one of the most courageous, brave and STRONG actions a human can take!
I know and say this, because I work with some of the most successful men in today's world.
There is absolutely NO WEAKNESS in them and their ability to FACE their FEARS, INSECURITIES, INNER-DEMONS and CONCERNS, acknowledge, accept and release them. In fact it IS what makes them INHERENTLY Powerful in the Business World and in Life.
The TRUTH is.... that this is HOW these successful men SOAR to even GREATER heights of Soul-Driven Success and Fulfilled Living!

The current global crisis has forced quarantine and isolation on humanity. It is causing more and more people to awaken to their soul essence and start asking themselves, “what is the meaning of my life?”

I can also see that there are many MEN who are in complete and utter DENIAL of accepting themselves or listening to what their soul is trying to tell them.

It is for this reason that women are in a much MORE powerful position ENERGETICALLY to work on themselves, to understand their souls’ desires and birth those desires into the world and create their version of heaven on earth.

So I hope you understand WHY it's important to LISTEN to your soul, to work WITH your soul and to live FROM your soul.

If you are a WOMAN I hope this article INSPIRES you to step up your Acceptance of every part of Who you are in this lifetime.

If you are a MAN I hope this article EMPOWERS you to delve deeper into the recesses of your thoughts and deep within your heart and LISTEN and ACCEPT what your soul is trying to bring to your attention. For it’s IN the aspects you are denying that you will Uncover the SECRETS that will enable you to achieve ALL you dream of and TRULY Desire!
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Guiding Business Leaders to access Ancient Wisdom & Powerful Energetic Tools for sacred money making and living a deeply fulfilling life is my life’s work.

If you would like my help I invite you to step into my Sacred Wisdom Library or Book Private Sessions with Me.

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Soul Enchantress is the globally sought~after energetic visionary, cosmic sorceress, seer, shaman, authorand business speaker, who works with high profile global business leaders.
She guides you to create deep fulfilment, access profound clarity, achieve HUGE goals and design a blissful soul~driven lifestyle that integrates the unseen realms and ancient wisdom.
Her work is incredibly powerful, effective and highly coveted.
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