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The following article is based on my current practices and I came to these conclusions over time, as I began to See and Understand how energy and power is ACTUALLY created.

As the title suggests I do not worship deities, it is not because I do not respect them, I do, nor is it because I do not think there is power associated with them, there is. The reason is that most archetypes and deities are 4th and 5th dimensional entities, who draw their power from the energy you feed them. There is nothing wrong with this coexistence if that is what you wish to do.

However as my consciousness started to ascend to higher dimensions and I also started to traverse outside of multiverses, and beyond and into the void where all is created, I saw and began to understand concepts that are literally mind bogglingly infinite. (Think I may have just invented a word :)

When I understood that working with deities, entities and any type of being simply meant you are in fact diluting power and expecting your work to be completed by a third party, it just did not make sense to live this way.

The work I do currently, is beyond explanation using simple vocabulary. In fact I struggle to to put into words the concepts and knowledge I begin to comprehend each day.

I also do not work with my chakra system, it has been deleted! Again, the chakra system has a valid use until you reach a point where it stops you from soaring to heights unimaginable. I still work with my clients' chakra systems to align them, just not mine.

It is for all these reasons and more, that I decided not to publish many public videos or articles anymore. Instead I release information to my subscribers who are on a trajectory of understanding or wanting to understand concepts that are simply beyond explaining via scientific methods or rational thinking, concepts you cannot fit into a neat little box.

Who are you, really?

You are an eternal, infinite and powerful energy!

Everything you know and understand to be true is only a drop in the ocean of consciousness.

I receive great joy each time a client understands the extent of their own power and how harnessing it can help them to design a life they never dreamed possible.

I hope this article expanded your pattern of thinking just a little further and is not too cryptic in its explanations.

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