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Service and “being of service” are the concepts that I am exploring for you today.

The energy behind "being of service" and "service to others" is one of being of “servitude” and “enslavement”.

Therefore, It is NOT an energy that is empowering.

I am a creator!

I create as I’m guided to and I offer my creations to the world, in buying my creations you access the Energy that is imbued with innate Authentic Power and are inspired and empowered to allow your desires to be birthed into your world and reality.

So I do not serve anyone and I am not in service to anyone I simply create, I offer those creations to you and I invite you to indulge in them, so you can transform your desires into tangible reality.

I invite you to to delve deeper... a wondrous world awaits you!

Visit, explore and indulge at

soul enchantress, wisdom codes, sacred money making, peaceful living, sacred prosperity

The Soul Enchantress is an energetic visionary, wisdom keeper and cosmic seer, sorceress and shaman who works with clients around the globe.
She helps business leaders, star-seeds and seekers of soul-aligned fulfilment find solutions to their problems, achieve HUGE goals and design a luxuriously fulfilling soul~driven lifestyle that allows them to live, work and play on their terms.
Her work is highly sought after and you can Learn More here >>>
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