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Uncover What Your Favourite Song Is Actually Doing To You!


Have you ever felt incredibly drawn to a song?

Then here’s some information that may surprise you!

I’ve always known and felt the power of sound. It is part of the essence of creation itself. However, over the last few years as I have been channeling Cosmic Sound Transmissions for my clients, I have come to realise a fact about sound that you may or may not be aware of.

If you happen to be a client of mine, you know that channeling sound is as much a part of my day, as channeling energy or messages.

Before I reveal what I have discovered, I would like you to understand that sound has the power to program your subconscious mind. 

It is in your sub conscious that you carry ALL of your paradigms and belief systems that serve you and empower you. However, your sub conscious also unfortunately stores programming that leads to some of the horrible mistakes and messes you get yourself into.

So with sound you can change and shift old beliefs, paradigms and re-program your psyche a new.

The “Sound” that I refer to encompasses everything you hear, from bells, cymbals, singing bowls and other spiritual tools, to SONGS, the toot of a car horn, a baby crying, the whistle of the wind, the roar of the ocean, an angry person yelling, laughter, conversation, to the distant roll of thunder and lots more.

Sound as with everything is an energy and carries an infinite number of frequencies within it.

My energetic abilities allow me to understand, sense, feel, hear and SEE the energy WITHIN sound!

And here is the mystery I promised to unveil…

In observing sound and how it affects people, I have noticed that popular songs (known or unknown to the recording artist) carries extremely powerful subliminal programming energies. 

I can actually SEE the energy in a song and unravel WHAT it is doing TO your psyche.

Some songs even though they carry a hugely popular happy beat and spreads like wildfire, is actually harnessing YOUR energy and feeding OFF you!

In my in-person sessions I have started to analyse what songs clients listen to and how it maybe perpetuating the very same energy they are working to get rid of.

So the next time you find yourself completely and utterly DRAWN to a song, be aware you are in fact reacting to its energy, it can be SERVING your empowerment or FEEDING your fears.

Please use this information so you can enhance your listening pleasure and not stay zombied to the will and intentions of another.

If you would like to work with me and to schedule a session so you can delve into your song habits and discover what energies you are infusing yourself with, I would love to hear from you, please contact me via

The Soul Enchantress is an energetic visionary, cosmic sorceress, seer and shaman who works with entrepreneurs around the globe.
She helps business leaders find solutions to their problems, achieve HUGE goals and design a luxuriously fulfilling soul~driven lifestyle that allows them to live, work and play on their terms.
Her work is highly sought after!
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