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Your morning routine sets the tone for your entire day, but more importantly it also helps you to center and align yourself with what you want to achieve in your life and for the day.

Therefore, I am an absolute fan of my morning routine and I’ve taken a few ideas from it to create a list that you can add to yours or to create a morning routine if you don't have one already.

🌸 Cleanse your face and shower first thing in the morning. I believe in cleanliness of the body as well as the spirit. So showering a few times a day is an absolute must.

🌸 Take a few minutes to have your morning beverage wether it is coffee, tea, fruit juice or even a glass of water with a squeeze of lemon in it. Use this time while you are sipping your beverage to breathe deeply and clear your mind.

🌸 Burn a candle and or incense so that you create sacred space around you first thing in the morning.

🌸 Meditate or spend a few minutes journaling what you would ideally like your day to be like and what you would like to achieve.

🌸 Jot any new ideas or any tasks that you would like to add to your schedule for the day.

🌸 Look at your vision board or dream book, to remind yourself of the reasons why are you are carrying out the actions you are about to do today.

🌸 Read out loud and write down any affirmations that you want to say to yourself.

🌸 Listen to your detox transmission and or attracting your desires transmission (this activity is for you if you are a client of mine.)

🌸 Eat a healthy breakfast and drink lots of water.

🌸 Exercise, dance or go for a walk.

🌸 Shower and you are ready to start your day.

The above list may me like a lot of activities to fit into an hour before you even start your day.

However, even taking simply a few minutes for each activity or fitting in as many activities as you possibly can, will make the DIFFERENCE between having an EXTRAORDINARILY successful day or an ordinary one.

As always the choice is yours!

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