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Self Care Idea ~ Deletion Of Your Chakras

As radical as the deletion of your energetic system called the "chakras" sounds, this is a powerful step for empaths, parents, care givers and those in the business of serving others and running businesses.

Now that you have gotten over your possible shock at the title of this article, let’s explore what it means shall we?

Your chakra’s are an energetic feedback system, that exists outside your physical body (I have a video on this on my YouTube channel). There are seven main chakra centres that are widely known, although there are many more than that number in reality. However, for the purpose of this article the chakras being spoken about and addressed are the main seven.These are your Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root chakras.

They each serve a purpose in different areas of your life, I will not address those areas in this article as there are thousands of articles on the chakras freely available.

Therefore, If they serve a purpose and when regularly cleansed and maintained, these chakras, enhance your physical living experience, why on earth would you want to delete them?

Because you actually do NOT need them!

Yes they do serve a purpose, but they are also like the "extra trimmings" on your energetic body, that actually STOPS you from harnessing your FULL power in this lifetime.

In the case of empaths, you know what it feels to be constantly accessing feelings about everyone around you. Imagine being able to help others WITHOUT taking on ANY of their feelings. Sounds blissful doesn’t it? That’s because it is.

If you deleted the 7 chakras you would in fact be getting rid of all the “middle men” so to speak and accessing and grounding your star power directly.

This article like many others I write is going to raise many questions, so I will address them in follow up articles and leave this as your introduction to harnessing your true power directly.

Use this article to allow the new paradigm of a ChakraLESS existence to sink into your psyche!

I do work with select clients on Chakra deletion and integration of their galactic soul stream and of course on myself. For those who are not at a stage to have their chakras deleted, I offer a Chakra Tuning Series of Sessions, which will leave you feeling harmonically aligned!

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