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Revealed: The Truth About Celebrity, Fame, Luxury & The Mundane!

This article is inspired by one of my clients asking me if the energies of the celebrities whom I meet, match who they are in real life?

I have made no secret of the fact that I access and live an enviable life.

The caveat to this statement is that, I have faced and conquered my fears and demons, so I am able to attract an effortless way of soul aligned living. A life that is abundantly prosperous, beautiful, fulfilling, filled with freedom to make my own choices and one that I find blissful.

Which is why many business owners become my clients, to harness their wealth in alignment with their soul’s desires.

Luxury is synonymous with all I experience, but it’s not only what you would call a luxurious item or event, I appreciate the luxury in the hidden details. It’s the “little” things that make a HUGE impact on me.

Even as a fashion designer, I always made sure that my production crew made the stitching on the underside of a garment so beautiful that it thrilled and delighted my customers. I find joy in discovering a beautifully unfurling weed among the cracks of a pavement. Very often I place these weeds in expensive and luxurious champagne flutes around my home. 

Luxury is a “feeling” its NOT a thing. It’s energy.

Now to what really got your curiosity quipped when you read the title of this article ~ celebrity and fame.

The word celebrity actually means “to be Celebrated” however its ghastly what and whom people term celebrities and celebrity. Reality show personalities, tv personalities and anyone with a viral video are termed celebrity. They are NOT, they are simply a persona or personality.

To be celebrated you MUST add value and utilise your talents in a manner others are inspired, uplifted, cared for or are helped in some way. Garnering popularity through notoriety is not something to be exalted, personally it disgusts me and I have NO time for such people and neither do I indulge in gossip magazines, shows or anything reality based.

From an energetic perspective the above may seem utterly judgemental, it is to a certain extent, but what I am actually doing is deciding WHAT I want to Perpetuate in my reality and what I decide to Delete from it. I call this BUFFERING.

You too have this power. Your level of buffering yourself will depend upon your INTERNAL level of self worth.

Most DO NOT buffer themselves and instead go along with what is trending, because they want to be ACCEPTED and do not desire to go against the grain, for FEAR of being ridiculed and cast out.

I have met and meet and will continue to meet many global stars and personalities.

In my capacity as a sorceress I can literally SEE right through them.

Here’s what I have found.

  • The hardest working stars are the MOST successful in their chosen field and the most financially wealthy.

  • They never chased “fame” instead they perfected their craft and fame and wealth were a by-product.

  • Their lifestyles can sometimes be extremely “superficial” but most do not see it because everyone in their life resonates at that vibration of projecting what the other wants to see.

  • This makes living within this energy quite draining if you can see the Truth.

  • The “wanna be” personalities are chasing “Fame” and instead receive “Notoriety” never quite becoming celebrated or achieving true wealth.

  • Actors personify their roles and take on the power packed personalities they play. However in real life that specific actor can be the most insecure person, on the inside. Unless you can sense their TRUE energetic imprint you will not think so and instead associate them with the qualities of the role they play.

  • Finally even the most famous, richest, powerful person in the world is just like you ~ human.

Moral of the story ~ do not aspire to fame or celebrity or riches, instead focus on being the absolute BEST at what you are and all the fame, riches and prosperity will naturally be yours. This is the foundation on which I build my clients' businesses and lives.

What you call a “mundane” life may sometimes appear boring or uninteresting, however I have found the most inspiring, REAL and valued people on the planet that I have met, are mundane and proud to be so.

I salute you, you are amazing to me!

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Joyous Blessings

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