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Since helping clients all over the world attract their desires for love, money and bliss is the work that I do, I decided to write this article and list just some of the physical goals that I have set for myself for the next six months. Please note this is not a finite list and also it does NOT include many other personal, business and energetic desires and goals. These are what I felt comfortable putting out in a public space and also happened to be very physical and tangible items that you can follow my journey on easily. So here we go… Ta Daaaaa.... drumroll please! SOME OF MY GOALS FOR THE NEXT SIX MONTHS 1. Help clients all over the world to attract their desires as easily as I do. 2. A brand-new MacBook Pro laptop for my work.  3. Jimmy Choo & or Christian Louboutin heels – yes I do love my shoes!

4. Tory Burch bag because I admire her entrepreneurial spirit. 

5. Visit Paris and or Florence in June 6. Grow my investments – I do have specific goals but I don’t want to reveal the specifics here. So BE specific if this is one of your desires. 7. Continue my Soul Enchantress gratitude project and help souls in need around the world each month. SOME IMPORTANT NOTES Always remember, it is okay to change your mind about specific goals or as I sometimes do, swap them for something that is more in keeping as your life evolves.

HOW DO I INTEND TO ACTUALLY ACHIEVE ALL OF MY GOALS & DESIRES? This is the fun part and what I excel at and what I help my clients with. I intend to actually achieve all of my goals and desires for the next six months, in the same manner I always do, by practising my principles for attraction and avoiding the pitfalls and doing the inner work that I need to do as I progress. (You can access my EXACT principles, revealed in my digital workshop - see below) MONEY + WEALTH + PROSPERITY I also use ALL of the three energies of money, wealth and prosperity. These are all very three DIFFERENT energies and I’ve spoken about them before, but here is a quick rundown so you understand. Money is currency you that you earn in return for the work that you do. Wealth is what you create with the money that you earn in the long term. Prosperity is the ability to achieve your desires in the form of an in kind exchange or instead of actual money. For example - buying a business class ticket and being upgraded to 1st class. The result is that you travel first class, however you ONLY paid for business class. Or Receiving complimentary flights to the destination of your choice! This is simply just a physical and material illustration of prosperity. FOLLOW MY JOURNEY Please feel free to follow my journey as I attract the desires listed above.

UPDATES 25 January: Yay! New Apple MacBook for my work is a Reality!

31 January: Yay! Two pairs of Tory Burch Sandals & a Bag is Mine!

4 February: Yay! CHANEL heels are mine! (I swapped my goal for laboutins & choos for Chanel) To learn more about my work and to contact me, please visit 🌱🦋🌱 Joyous Blessings Soul Enchantress PS NOW ITS YOUR TURN! If you would like to attract your desires as easily as I do and practice the same EXACT principles I do, then here’s how you can >> HERE

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