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How Your Child's Soul Enters the Body

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Dedicated to all the mothers of the world...

This is the latest channeled information about the birth of a Soul into a human body. A word of warning, keep an open mind as you read this and somewhere deep within you, you will resonate with its truth.

Ever wondered how your soul or the soul of your child entered the body?

Was it always there in the foetus?

At what stage of the human body's development did the soul enter?

Make sure you are seated for this latest channeling:)

Apparently the soul only enters the body at BIRTH!!!

That is the reason you wait for that first gasp of breath and your child's scream.

It is in that moment the soul steps in and occupies the human body.

So where was your child's soul all through out your pregnancy?

Right beside you!

Otherwise there would be TWO souls within the mother's body, which would be a temporary walk-in situation.

Have you FELT the presence of your child around you?

If you did, you were NOT imagining it, the soul stream that is to occupy the foetus you are carrying, oversees its development.

You, as the mother and yes sometimes the father can feel the soul of your child. however many women are more connected to the soul of the child they are about to birth, since they are carrying the physical vessel the soul will occupy.

So whom were you speaking to when you stroked your belly and spoke to your child or felt it kicking?

Your words would still be heard by the soul of your child. The kicking is the muscles of the body working, growing and developing as it should.

I do understand this post will create so many related questions, but I am going to focus on simply the information related to the BIRTH of the soul and will write about other areas later.

Joyous Blessings

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