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How You Can CHANGE Your Horoscope Predictions & What Your Future REALLY Holds For You

Have you ever received a custom created horoscope reading that alarmed you? Upset you? Or straight out FREAKED you out?

The reason for my writing this article is due to one of my clients having exactly that reaction to a prediction made via a horoscope reading over a year ago. So why am I writing these words now? Because this prediction was done before they started working with me and over the last year it has actually created deep seeded energetic blocks within my client, who believed the doomed outcome would come true!

This article will cover only personalised horoscope readings NOT the crazy general star sign stuff that appears every week in every magazine and newspaper.

Here are the questions you will find answers to, in the following paragraphs.

  • Why your horoscope readings can sometimes be accurate.

  • How you can change your predicted outcomes.

  • What your future REALLY holds for you.

WHO ARE YOU? You are a multi dimensional, energetic being and your reality is a vibrational frequency.

What your life is currently is the FREQUENCY you are ENERGETICALLY tuned into right now, hence WHY you are experiencing it.

When you receive a prediction it is the most probable outcome or result, you will experience, should you traverse on EXACTLY the same vibrational frequency you are in and STAY in the SAME timeline as you are now. So therefore if you change nothing, you WILL encounter the predicted outcome or result from your horoscope reading.

Horoscope readings are done on the three dimensional realm, so if the practitioner and the client BOTH are only open to the physical reality of the three dimensional realm, then your horoscope even the general ones, will seem pretty accurate most of the time.

However as you evolve (especially my clients) and raise your vibrational frequency and can experience higher dimensional realities (not only the third dimension), you will find that horoscope predictions and even star sign qualities and characteristics will NOT be accurate for you.

Regardless of either of the above types of people, you CAN change your predicted future by SWAPPING your timeline!

What do I mean by this?

I mean that parallel and alternate realities and timelines are constantly created and exist simultaneously. (a bit like the image above with white and dark rock)

For example, If you are married to your husband Bob (apologies gentlemen will include you in my next example), there is an alternate reality where you are NOT married to Bob. Same as if you WIN a tennis match and your opponent loses, there’s an alternate timeline where you LOST and your opponent won.

Therefore, if you do not like the predicted outcome, you can swap your timeline to the alternate version. I help my clients do this in various situations.

Finally let’s cover what your future really holds for you.

Your future holds limitless realities and possibilities, therefore a tiny tweak in any direction will alter your exact future.

Which is why predictions are not always accurate, because the person receiving the prediction CAN change it, swap timelines (consciously or unconsciously) by the choices they make, emotions and thoughts and due to a myriad of other reasons.

In short you CAN create your future!

I hope this has been helpful and if you would like to work with me to swap your timeline or to understand what a past timeline could have been like to help you let go of unresolved emotions, I would love to hear from you.

Please contact me at or click here.

Joyous Blessings

Soul Enchantress

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