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DID YOU KNOW that BOTH your Ego and your Soul gives you “Ideas”?

These ideas are what you feel called to take action on because it feels inspired an “aha” HOWEVER unless you KNOW how to tell the difference between your ego inspired ideas and your soul~driven ideas the result will be pleasurable or disastrous.


Even if you THINK you know the difference BETWEEN Your Ego and Your Soul, please bear with me and read the ENTIRE article... You Will Be SURPRISED.

Your Ego is designed to protect your physical self and Especially your CURRENT Reality.
In other words it’s objective is to KEEP you SAFE in your “Comfort Zone” and to WARN you when you are too close to Exploring New possibilities or about to Shatter a Ceiling or Boundary.

Your Soul is in fact the REAL and ENHANCED version of You that sees and knows the GREATER plan or destiny of your life.

When you are using your MIND to think and come up with ideas and strategies to implement in your business or life, you are in fact being DIRECTED by your Ego.

What most people are unaware of is that the mind and the brain are simply an ENERGETIC translation device.
They are NOT meant to be accessed for deep clarity and or for programming and designing your life or your business.

Your Soul on the other hand is the most PUREST form of wisdom and strategy that is available to you in this incarnation of the human you.

The Mind is NOT an originator of Wisdom, as most people tend to believe. Your mind is purely an energy translation device for the energetics flowing FROM your Soul to You.

This information Stream is energetic, invisible, etheric and and yet powerful.

Soul Enchantress, for business leaders, business psychic, energetic business strategies, energetic marketing strategies, energetic selling strategies

Here are a few TIPS (but by no means everything) on How you can tell if you are ALIGNED with your Ego or Yourself.

1 ) If you are Struggling, Pushing, Hustling, Grinding to Make things Happen or are always Looking for the Next Strategy, Hack or Tip to make money, grow your business or change your lifestyle, you are definitely Aligned with the “Ideas” being fed by your Ego.

2) WHO are the people around you?

This includes business partners, colleagues, suppliers, distributors, friends, family members and intimate relationships.

Do these people operate out of fears and doubts and past patterns and failures? Or are they driven by a vision of what they are creating? The former group falls into being driven by their Ego and the latter by their Soul.

Whomever you spend the MOST time with or are DRAWN to WILL reflect to you exactly WHAT you ARE aligned with… your true self or your ego which has an agenda to simply protect you and keep you WITHIN your comfortable boundaries and limitations.

3) Are you taking the SAME type of Actions and / or Implementing the SAME type of Strategies?

Sometimes the actions your Soul asks you to take can feel UNCOMFORTABLE because they are aligned with something that you are NOT YET used to, especially if you are usually used to taking actions that are aligned with your Ego.

Therefore INITIALLY the actions and strategies and wisdom you receive from your Soul may SEEM UNcomfortable and NOT aligned. Most people automatically assume that if they DO NOT feel aligned with an action or a piece of wisdom then it must be WRONG for them.

The TRUTH however is the complete Opposite.

4) Are You HOLDING ON to GARBAGE and thinking it’s the REAL thing?

In order for you to BECOME the person WHO can step into a NEW Level of Success than what you are used to (no matter what area of your life or business it’s in), you're going to have to LET GO and RELEASE the boundaries, limitations, and obstacles that stand in your way and keep you UNDERNEATH that Ceiling.

5) If you are UNWILLING to go through a phase of BEING UNCOMFORTABLE to embody a new vibrational energy BEFORE you start implementing new strategies and actions.. you are Aligned with your Ego.

This is similar to the chrysalis phase a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly. AND at EVERY stage of growth you will experience a chrysalis moment HOWEVER It does NOT have to be uncomfortable UNLESS YOU ARE RESISTING the changes…

YES your success trajectory CAN be SMOOTH!

The Process of Shattering these Shackles is NOT comfortable and can sometimes feel UN-aligned.

To keep this article short I will give you one FINAL dollop of Wisdom…

Your ego controlled information can sometimes seem MORE aligned and EASIER to implement.

But BEWARE the Long-Term RESULT of going AGAINST what your Soul Truly Desires for You to experience in this lifetime is a WRECKAGE waiting to happen.

When I see people doing exactly what I’ve described above …. It literally FEELS and LOOKS like watching a CAR WRECK in SLOW MOTION… completely and utterly unpleasant.

HOWEVER sometimes…. The total destruction of what is NOT serving you is EXACTLY what DOES happen if you RESIST Releasing the Shackles that Bind You to your current and Outdated situation, business practices, personal life or experience.


You are here to Grow, Evolve and Expand and NOT allowing this process to UNFOLD is like HOLDING the MASSIVE FLOW of Water in a HUGE DAMN with your hands….

It’s a RIDICULOUS Physical concept!


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I hope this wisdom has helped you and if you would like to SOAR to dazzling NEW Heights in your business and in your life and are READY to Shatter the Shackles Holding You Down, I invite you to come visit me and speak with me at


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