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If you are ready to design a lifestyle that is in keeping with who you are, what you want to achieve and who you want to become then this article is for you. Also If you are reading this article then you are at a point in your life, where you have tried everything, failed at certain things and are now ready to make a change and transform your lifestyle. TAKE IT SERIOUSLY However, if you are serious about implementing the new lifestyle that you do design I ask that you do the exercises provided in this article and seek the help that you are looking for from a professional. BASED UPON The information in this article is based upon how I designed and keep designing my lifestyle and what I’ve discovered from doing thousands of sessions helping clients to do the same. Having said that, please feel free to create extra categories or to change the different areas of your life that I suggest. EVALUATE YOUR LIFE These are the six areas of your life that I would ask you to focus on when you are planning on designing your new lifestyle. AREA 1 - YOU Your new lifestyle should be designed to reflect ALL that you ARE, authentically and NOT based on what you think people around you or society expects of you. Ask yourself these questions and answer them truthfully. 1. Who are you? 2. What type of lifestyle do you yearn for? 3. How do you want your day to start, be like, and end? 4. What makes you happy? 5. What makes you sad? 6. What disappoints you? YOUR DISCOVERY Now, that you answered these questions take a look to see if there is a pattern forming. You will uncover many masks that you wear, many fears, many emotions, many belief systems all of which either PROPEL you forward or hold you BACK. WHAT TO DO WITH THE RESULTS Commit to releasing your Fears, Toxic Beliefs and Emotions, while committing to CULTIVATE your strengths. AREAS 2 TO 5 Here are the other five Areas of your life that you need to carry out a similar evaluation to what I suggested above. Your LOVE life

How you manage your MONEY and WEALTH Your BUSINESS or CAREER Your FAMILY life, FRIENDS and SOCIAL interaction Your SPIRITUALITY, MINDFULNESS and SELF CARE. For each of these areas create a series of questions like I’ve given you above, be creative and answer truthfully. DESIGNING YOUR LIFESTYLE write a paragraph for each of the areas of your life and how you would like it to look if it were your current lifestyle right now. CREATE GOALS From your answers to each of the areas of your life create 2 to 5 goals in each area of your life. These goals can be small, medium or huge. ACTIONS Write down actions for each of your goals, and what you would need to do in order for you to achieve them. SOME STATISTICS ON ACHIEVING GOALS “According to research done at the University of Scranton, a staggering 92% of people that set Goals never actually achieve them!!” WHAT NOW? It would be a wonderful world if everyone achieved all of the goals that they made. THE TRUTH ABOUT WHY PEOPLE FAIL However as the above statistic shows no matter how wonderful your goal setting is or what type of an amazing lifestyle you design, if you don’t apply the correct ENERGETIC principles, avoid pitfalls that SABOTAGE you and do the INNER work that needs to be done, it is highly unlikely that you will bring into your reality your goals, let alone live the lifestyle that you yearn for! MY STORY Over the years, I’ve mastered and fine-tuned an Energetic Strategy for attracting all of my goals and desires easily. HOW MY STORY CAN HELP YOU I don’t tell you this to brag, instead to INSPIRE you to make your goals as HUGE as you want them, WORK for them and actually ACHIEVE them. Why? Because you can. How do I know this? Because I achieve my goals and desires easily and have done so my whole life. DISCLAIMER & CAVEAT Being able to achieve what I desire and all of my goals does NOT mean that I don’t experience sadness or disappointment it just means I know how to navigate this journey called life and avoid the pitfalls that sabotage you while simultaneously practising the Principles that allows me to attract my desires easily. All of the principles that I speak about are ENERGETIC and NOT physical. I wish you joy in designing your lifestyle! If you would like my help I would love to hear from you and you can reach me at 🌱🦋🌱 Joyous Blessings Soul Enchantress PS Are you READY to actually make this new lifestyle you just designed a REALITY and start LIVING it? Want to Access your desires EASILY the way I do? Using my EXACT principles? Plus AVOID the pitfalls that SABOTAGE you? Read more about it here

how to design your lifestyle, lifestyle design, soul enchantress

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