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How To Be Lucky, Seeing Your Future Timelines - Some Experiments

One of the reasons I do not apologise for my power, is that I am always open to exploration and experimentation of power itself.

This applies to all my psychic senses the power to SEE, the power to KNOW, the power to HEAR, the power to SMELL, the power to FEEL and the power to CREATE.

This article is about SEEING your future timelines.

I have written and speak about your future being MULTIPLE choices as opposed to ONE set outcome.

When SEEING your future timelines, in my experimentation and my ability to see, I discovered a few interesting facts that you will find helpful when choosing what future you want to create for yourself.

Because your future choices also exists simultaneously it means that Choice 1, Choice 2 and Choice 3 exists AT THE SAME TIME in the energetic realm.

So when SEEING your future possibilities if those Choices are actually STEPS you wish to take, the order in the energetic realm and the order in the physical realms CAN differ!

What does this mean for you?

It means that If there are 3 future possibilities or opportunities that await you, be PREPARED for ANY one of them to appear first and not necessarily in the order you WANT them to appear or Intended for them to appear.

This is why LUCK is defined as Opportunity meeting preparedness.

So to BE lucky all you need be is Prepared to grab your opportunity when it arrives in its OWN time.

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Joyous Blessings

Soul Enchantress


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