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The world is obsessed with finding their ideal mate.

If you are reading this article then let’s face it ever since you were a little girl at some point you have fantasised about prince charming sweeping you off your feet and living happily ever after.

It’s ok I am guilty and then some too :)

What ends up happening when you are encouraged to create these fantasies is that you FORGET How to actually make such a reality a possibility.

No I’m not crazy and yes you can have a romance that sweeps you off your feet.

HOWEVER, here comes the big caveat.

You MUST BECOME the type of person that you are wanting to attract FIRST and BEFORE prince charming is ever seen on a white horse.

What does this mean?

Well as with everything I see and work in the energetic realms. Therefore for you (as an energetic being) to attract what you desire, crave and long for in an ideal partner, you must first BE that person yourself!

This means understanding who you are, what you desire form yourself, what turns you on, what turns you off, do you want to be monogamous, are you loyal, are you kind and caring, generous, selfless and can you put a relationship before yourself or your work or something else, how much baggage from your past relationships are you carrying, what patterns are you repeating that are toxic to a coupling?

Here just some of the qualities most people want in a partner, loyalty, trust, kindness, generosity, intimacy, romance, ability to love without boundaries.

They are ALL truly amazing and valid and beautiful qualities. However UNLESS you also can resonate those qualities WITHIN you, you CANNOT and WILL NOT attract someone who has them.

Instead you will most likely attract someone with the total OPPOSITE set of qualities!!!

Yikes!!!! yes…. I have seen the following scenario in so many different formats repeated in many clients’ lives.

Someone wanting a faithful husband will attract one that breaks their heart by cheating on them with another.

Someone wanting a generous partner will find a mate who cannot find work, is unemployed or is tight fisted and counts every cent.

Someone wanting to be cherished and prioritised first in their partner’s life, will find that they come last and sometimes not at all considered.

Do you see the pattern?

If you have INNER issues, challenges, turmoil and past experiences you need to work through, stay single until you do heal yourself or you will jump on to a merry-go-round of your heart being broken.

Ask a professional healer for help and start working through your shadows and inner demons and overcoming your lessons and slowly but surely you will emerge into the world as the beautiful shining soul you REALY are. And then prince charming will magically appear and you can live happily ever after.

I hope you liked my fairy tale analogy and understood the gems hidden in this tale.

Even though the article is about a girl, the principles of attracting your ideal love applies to every type of relationship and regardless of if you are male or female.

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how to find your ideal partner, lover or relationship, soul enchantress

soul enchantress, how to attract love, finding love

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