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Sickness, Ailments and Diseases are caused by energetic disharmony and imbalances in your body.
My Definition of Sickness, Ailments and Diseases :
Sickness, Ailments and Diseases are your Body's language or mechanism of letting you know that your body is Ill-at-Ease, that there's DISharmony and an Imbalance between your "Energetic bodies" and your Physical Health.
Thereby this disharmony manifests as a DISEase!
Here's a fact that most people are unaware of...
Just as the cause is first energetic so is the remedy or cure!

Although I don’t actively promote or offer healings of the physical body, I would like to tell you a few short stories about them.

First a Caveat and Disclaimer. I am Not a medical professional or a nutritionist these are my stories and You should gain professional advice before taking any remedial action natural or otherwise.

The following are a few examples from hundreds of healings I've performed. These are mine and my clients' stories (with their permission) and your situation and circumstances will be different.


About fifteen years ago, I had an abscess of some kind in my mouth. Long story short, I was referred to an ear, nose, throat specialist and eventually was booked in with the country’s top surgeon. Because the diagnosis was that whatever it was I had, needed surgery and will never heal naturally.

I recall having a meeting with the surgeon who was really arrogant and I kept asking him if there was anyway we could cure it without surgery? He replied he specialised in this field, listed his credentials and said he’d never come across a single case that had healed without surgery. I was crushed and disappointed.

However, when I got home there was this energy of powerful determination that overtook me and I said, “I don’t give a damn what the surgeons or the doctors opinions are, I am going to cure myself and I will cancel my surgery before the due date.” My surgery was already booked and costing thousands.

Each day I was guided to heal myself. At the time I did not know what I was doing but today I do… I was using my skills from multiple lifetimes and incarnations as a sorcerer.

What do you think happened?

Two weeks later, two days before my surgery I rang and canceled it, because it was disappearing.

By the third week I was completely healed.

It was a miracle!


Four years ago, I sliced my Achilles heel on the edge of some stone stairs. Blood gushed out everywhere, my skin, several layers of it was on the stairs and I had a massive, deep gash, in the shape of a “wide open smile” on my achilles heel. It needed to be sewn shut and a visit to the doctor asap. And I felt faint.

However, I decided to wash it, put antiseptic creams into the “wide open” gash and bandaged it up. Needless to say it kept bleeding for a few hours before it stopped.

When my husband saw it he gasped and said he was taking me to the doctor’s because “it needed at least a dozen stitches the gash is too wide to heal naturally”, he said. I replied, “give me a week”. He was shocked and asked, “I know how powerful you are but are you really going to heal this yourself?

“Of Course I am!” I replied.

Within a week the gash stitched itself closed and a couple of months later you really couldn’t tell how awful a cut it had been and Today I have a faint scar if you look closely, that’s it!


I have so many stories like this, one time I extended my cousin’s dog’s life by almost a year and rescued it from the veterinarian’s table. He was about to be put down because he was sick. And the vet said there was nothing they could do as he was in too much pain.

Another time, one of my nephews broke his forearm and the surgeons were about to place steel pins to mend it. I called from interstate and healed his forearm over the phone. And when the surgeons came to take him in for the operation they realised they could set it without surgery, needless to say they were stunned!

On many occasions I have pulled poison out of someone’s leg or arm if they got bitten by an insect known or unknown and watched their leg or arm return to normality and the swollen blue black veins disappear.

I’ve helped those with chronic pain in their limbs literally go from limping and pain to walking up and down stairs with ease within minutes. In their words, “the pain dropped within a few seconds from 100% to 10%.”

Then there are those I have healed who have suffered from heart disease, strokes and even cancer. They have experienced recoveries that can only be described as “Miraculous “, baffling even their respective highly qualified medical teams!
Soul Enchantress, healing the sick


By the way I was astounded to learn recently that the Placebo industry, which relies on your body and your belief system to cure yourself, is a Multi-Billion Dollar industry. This made me smile BECAUSE I’ve always known your body is designed to be healthy from birth to death, Unless you damage it physically or energetically.

If the damage is energetic and causes a disease, ailment or pain you can access healing through energy healing. However if you break your bones or injure yourself severely, sometimes you may need to let the medical teams help you Before you can access energetic help.


The thing is Cosmic Energy work is powerful as a PREVENTATIVE measure. However, people do not care for their health through regular wellness practices, they wait until something goes wrong. Then what’s needed is a cure.


I hope these stories help you to understand some of the less obvious work I do.

Plus I do hope it encourages you to understand your body’s beautiful and perfect design as a healthy vessel that houses a part of your soul. And that it motivates you to practice regular wellness rituals because prevention is always Better than a cure.

As much as I have helped heal many clients who have been sick, my mission is to empower you to create Harmony within your body, in your business and life. So you retain your wholeness and health for the rest of your life!
Soul Enchantress

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Soul Enchantress is the globally sought~after energetic visionary, cosmic sound alchemist, sorceress, seer, shaman, author and founder of the Sacred Wisdom Library + Cosmic Sound Temple, who works with high-profile global business leaders.
She guides you to create deep fulfilment, access profound clarity, achieve HUGE goals and design a blissful soul~driven lifestyle that integrates the unseen realms, ancient wisdom and cosmic sound medicine.
Her work is powerful, effective and gets results.
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