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soul enchantress, wisdom codes, sacred money making, peaceful living, prosperous life, library of Alexandria, Ancient Egypt, sacred prosperity, wealth codes, introverts and money
It’s as if there’s been a MASSIVE vibrational announcement that has gone off in the energetic realm of Spirit!
My life has become out-of-this-world INCREDIBLE!!!
As I never know WHO is going to turn up in my living room asking for their wisdom to be channeled and included in my Sacred Library!


Here's the story of.... How I Was Guided to Channel & Create An Online Library Of Sacred Wisdom, That Echoes The Great Library Of Alexandria in Ancient Egypt!

Ever since I was a little girl I've been FASCINATED by BOOKS and LIBRARIES and reading has been something that has always consumed me.

I was a voracious reader and started reading way before most kids my age. I was reading Shakespeare when I was 7 years old, borrowing books from my Grandfather's library! I also loved writing and I recall even as a six-year-old carrying around a journal with me writing in it all-day-long!

My love of reading and writing extended to my adult years, where I read books that spread across many genres and eventually I even launched my own online luxury magazine (read about it in my Business Journey on my about page).


So as the Soul Enchantress being a seer, sorceress and shaman it wasn’t a great surprise to me when a few years ago I started having visions of a great Big Book that looked like a Sacred Text. The book was so HUGE that when the visions panned out I saw that I actually happened to be sitting ON the book which was balanced on top of the world, with the entire EARTH beneath me! These visions came in many forms but always the Sacred Text with its Gold lettering and Gilded pages.


I assumed I was to write a book, but I wasn’t inspired to do so and I simply allowed the visions to be just visions, knowing I would be guided when I needed to act on them.


HOWEVER what did happen, was that I was lead to create digital programs, workbooks, workshops, powerful channeled cosmic activations, transmissions, soul journey meditations, sound healings and baths. At the time, I assumed that they were for individual sale and they were digital so they could be consumed by clients all over the world simultaneously. My offerings were eagerly devoured by my global clients.


A couple of years afterwards, when ancient beings, galactic energies, cosmic concepts and visionaries and beings that had walked the earth started arriving and asking for their wisdom to be CHANNELED through me and included in my sacred wisdom mastermind, I kept referring back to my visions of the Sacred Text with its Gilded pages.

Soul Enchantress, sacred wisdom library, introverts and money, introvert struggles, introvert entrepreneurs, business psychic

It wasn’t until almost a year was up when I looked back at what I had put together as a mastermind and dipped into the wisdom that was included in it that I realised...

the energy within what was then my mastermind, felt like a Sacred LIBRARY, powerful, precious and...

So I wasn’t surprised at all, when eventually I was led to change the name of what I was offering to the Soul Enchantress Sacred Wisdom LIBRARY!

Soul Enchantress, overcoming fears and doubts, stop mind chatter, limiting beliefs


I had not only been guided to create and include the most powerful energetic tools in this library, but I also had been guided to channel the most mind-blowing sacred Codices.

When these codices were printed you could feel the “living” energy emanating from the pages you held in your hands.
Clients all over the world kept writing in about the incredibleness of the actual Wisdom contained within each Codex and how the energy felt!
soul enchantress, wisdom codes, sacred money making, sacred mentors

So it's with great pleasure, incredible reverence and considering it a sacred honour, that I offer YOU Access and Entry to the Soul Enchantress Sacred Wisdom Library, for soul-driven money making and blissful living. (access links below).

It contains wisdom from ancient and modern spirit mentors, beings and energies along with a host of powerful energetic tools, for you to dream, to create, enhance and birth into being your soul-driven money, business and lifestyle.

Joyous Blessings

Soul Enchantress

Here’s the most Exquisite part…
This Sacred~Library KEEPS GROWING!!!

It’s as if there’s been a MASSIVE vibrational announcement that has gone off in the energetic realm of spirit.

Because more and more Beings, Visionaries and Energies keep arriving in the Most incredibly SYNCHRONISTIC ways asking for me to channel their wisdom, as they too would like their energetic truths to be revealed and included in this Sacred Library!

My life has become out-of-this-world INCREDIBLE!!!

As I never know who is going to walk into my living room today.

SoulEnchantress , Soul Enchantress, Relationship goals, money and introverts , introvert entrepreneurs , business wellness , business psychic


soul enchantress, wisdom codes, sacred money making, peaceful living, prosperous life, sacred prosperity, wealth codes, introverts and money
Soul Enchantress

Soul Enchantress is the globally sought~after energetic visionary, cosmic sorceress, seer, shaman, author and business speaker, who works with high profile global business leaders.
She guides you to create deep fulfilment, access profound clarity, achieve HUGE goals and design a blissful soul~driven lifestyle that integrates the unseen realms and ancient wisdom.
Her work is powerful, effective and gets results.
Learn More visit...


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