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Are You Afraid To Be Powerful?

Quite regularly someone will ask me if I require "permission" from people for me to channel information about them or for works of sorcery. My truthful reply always brings out a gasp of astonishment and every so often a knowing smile from my querent.

Before I tell you my answer, I would like to explain the reason I am guided to write this article. That is, that all too often I find people are AFRAID to BE powerful. Most believe that they will be judged, become an outcast or disappoint those they love.

So my question to you is Are you afraid to BE powerful?

Ask yourself this, What innate abilities and talents are you hiding because you are afraid of being judged or because you fear that you will disappoint those you care about?

It could be a yearning to study medicine, wanting to sing, dance, act, pursue a creative gift, gardening, fascination with history or science, stargazing, farming, exploring space.

Whatever your innate talent, EMBRACE it.

For within your talent lies your power, that IS the fuel that will add so much joy to your life, that it will make you wonder how you lived without it.

When it comes to deciding whom to work with in the energetic realm, most pick someone safe, someone who works with love and light and all things nice. Please understand that if that is all they understand, then you are working with someone who has NOT conquered their shadows and is afraid of the darkness. So when they start working with your inner fears their own shadows will confront them. When this happens your mentor will spiral into their own vortex of anguish, depression and cyclone.

Be brave enough to work with those who understand the true power of creation, That is it is IMPARTIAL, it is BOTH creative and destructive, protective and harmful, loving and nasty. If you understand the beast then you can work with it so to speak.

On that note, here's the answer to the question I keep getting asked:)

The answer that leaves my lips that makes people gasp is, "No, I do not need permission, I can channel into any frequency or soul, gather information or change energetic vibrations through sorcery!"

I am powerful and I do not apologise for my power, nor do I hide behind it any more. Besides I will never apologise for the many clients all of the world whose lives I make better by using my gifts.

However I was not always this brave. I was afraid to show my REAL power and hid it my entire life. Instead I channelled my energy into developing other skills and talents ones that were more acceptable, so I ran businesses in branding, fashion and publishing. Until a few years ago when I decided I cared more about living a soul fulfilling and joy generating existence.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved what I did but I KNEW it was Not the reason I was here.

So never apologise for your innate talents, because they ARE your gift to be used to live a purpose driven and Joy filled life!

If you KNOW you are HIDING from your true abilities, isn’t it time you allowed them to be seen and heard and be appreciated by the world?

I would love to hear from you if you would like to explore your true talents. TO WORK WITH ME: Please visit Joyous Blessings Soul Enchantress Sorceress | Soul Healer | Cosmic Channeler


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