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I'm thrilled to offer you the contents of an article that appeared across MORE than 241 Media Outlets around the World.

I hope this wisdom opens your eyes to new perspectives, on how you run your business.

Soul Enchantress, money and business

The Reasons Most Businesses Fail:
7 Mistakes that Could Prove Fatal to Your Business Growth and Bottom Line

Regardless of the industry or business type, the mistakes tripping up business owners and affecting their growth trajectories and bottom lines are remarkably similar.

According to Soul Enchantress the globally sought after Sorceress, Seer, Shaman, Author and Business Speaker, her observations from working with Global Business Leaders are as follows:

1. Business owners keep looking for the latest strategies, tactics and hacks, when in fact they don’t need a new strategy. The reality is an invisible energetic block exists and it needs to be cleared before they can experience their goals and objectives.

2. Many businesses delay paying their bills because they believe they can earn more interest, are waiting for a new financial year, or due to a fear of not having enough. If business owners desire a smooth flow of money, energetically their bills must be paid on time.

3. The energy of employees or teams impacts a business both positively and detrimentally. Investing in wellness strategies to detoxify and strengthen employees and team’s energy will improve a business’ growth and bottom line.

4. When freebies and discounts are used as a tactic to attract customers to a business it diminishes the energetic value of the business, products and services. Instead, business owners should offer bonuses.

5. Many business owners fail to consult with results-oriented advisors or experts, instead they end up being overwhelmed listening to too many different ideas and reading too many opposing books. Many high-profile business leaders consult with a seer or shaman who can access inter-dimensional information and wisdom that impacts their business and reality.

6. Most people believe everything within their business (and life) is linear and physical. They are completely unaware of the incredible potential of the inter dimensionality of other vibrational frequencies that are available and can be harnessed to create a different reality for them and their business.

7. Business owners get caught up repeating detrimental ancestral patterns toward money, wealth and prosperity. They unwittingly tend to emulate the same energy patterns toward money as their parents, grand-parents, ancestors and sometimes carry behaviours from other lifetimes. The solution lies in identifying the core patterns, and replacing them with money magnetising energetic strategies.

Soul Enchantress works with Global Business Leaders. She weaves the worlds of sorcery, cosmic, galactic realms, the earth, the afterlife, money, business and life into an intriguing and spellbinding tapestry, along with her clients who keep their work with her a secret.

According to Soul Enchantress, visionaries such as Steve Jobs, Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla (in spirit) and many others have helped present day business leaders craft strategies that have resulted in successful outcomes.

“I’ve been told by my clients, that my perspectives and energetic concepts related to money and business are powerful, effective and gets results.
My work is all about, how to elevate your business to new heights of dazzling success by harnessing the invisible realms and ancient wisdom.”

Soul Enchantress has just released her Book,

WHEN WORLDS A L I G N ~ A Spellbinding Real Life Tale of Sorcery in Business & Life.”

Business Leaders also subscribe to her “Sacred Wisdom LIBRARY ” for Accessing the Unseen Realms + Ancient Wisdom.

Both available via her website



Soul Enchantress

Soul Enchantress

Soul Enchantress

Soul Enchantress

Soul Enchantress

Soul Enchantress

Soul Enchantress

Soul Enchantress

Soul Enchantress

Soul Enchantress


Soul Enchantress, business wisdom, money wisdom

Soul Enchantress is the globally sought~after energetic visionary, cosmic sorceress, seer, shaman, author and business speaker, who works with high profile global business leaders.
She guides you to create deep fulfilment, access profound clarity, achieve HUGE goals and design a blissful soul~driven lifestyle that integrates the unseen realms and ancient wisdom.
Her work is powerful, effective and gets results.
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