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Why LOVE is NOT the Highest Vibration : The Shocking Truth

This article is going to ruffle quite a few feathers so be warned.

Over the years many spiritual leaders and followers have believed that love is the highest vibration and love is unity consciousness.

However what I am about to reveal to you is going to disprove this theory and probably shock you.

Love is NOT the highest vibration nor is it unity consciousness!

Before I explain the reasons of why love is not the highest vibration, you need to understand why most believe that it is.

Most of the collective information that exists has been channelled from the fourth or fifth or six dimensional realms.

This is also the reason why most people worship deities from the fourth and fifth dimensional realms.

There is nothing wrong with either of these, except that when you look at the make up of the cosmos from just those lower realms you miss the VASTNESS of the truth.

I ask that you judge the truth from what you feel deep within you, as you read the following words.

The source of all creation is NOT love, the source of all creation is completely and utterly NEUTRAL!

So returning to oneness, returning to source is actually Neutrality NOT Love.

Love is simply ONE of the spotlights of the whole. Yes it is an extremely high vibration, just like anger another spotlight is a lower vibration.

Unity consciousness or returning to source or oneness, means you are returning to neutrality.

This is the reason source has every type of spotlight, multiverses, galaxies, realms, dimensions, realities, so it CAN experience every facet of creation. The good, the bad, the ugly, the unknown.

Source does NOT know all, instead it needs to understand and gain wisdom FROM its many prongs of spotlights, multiverses, galaxies, realms, dimensions and realities.

So you see, You are a part of Source’s grand plan for understanding the depth, width, and vast infiniteness of its own power!

I’m sure this article will raise many eyebrows not to mention a plethora of questions. I welcome them all. However to make it manageable, I will cover ONE area at a time.

Hence this article is about Vibration.


Stay tuned for… Why Light is NOT the Most Powerful energy!

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Joyous Blessings

Soul Enchantress

Sorceress | Soul Healer | Cosmic Channeler

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