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Startling Scary Revelations On Imposter Syndrome... A Cautionary Tale

There are many schools of thought and many definitions of the imposter syndrome. In this article I want to address the areas of mentoring, coaching, spiritual guidance and healing.

Quite frequently and recently I have been watching with rising alarm, as business coaches, mentors, healers, readers and offerers of spiritual guidance come out of the woodwork.

These imposters peddle their wares and services on social media, some have large followings gained from clever advertising campaigns designed to hook You the seeker and person needing genuine help.

I feel compelled to write this article as a Cautionary Tale so take from it what you will.

With a host of new clients I have noticed an alarming pattern. And that is I am fixing the mess caused by so-called mentors, coaches and spiritual healers!

Here are some TIPS for you to use, so you can be aware of whom you take guidance from, healing from, whom you allow to mentor you and coach you or your business.


Make sure the person you are hiring is as successful as they say they are.

I’ve seen many coaches claiming to have built an empire or built a profitable business, when in fact if you look at their social media feeds profiles and do a little research, your find out that they in fact rent an apartment, barely make ends meet, dream of traveling but never do and have absolutely no freedom in choosing whom, when or where they work. Some even have part time jobs.

To coaches and mentors, If you claim to have built an empire or a profitable business, then show that you live it, not just speak it. This is not judging anyone in this situation it’s simply asking you NOT to coach another human being. It’s wrong. Go become a success yourself BEFORE you preach!


Make sure your mentor or spiritual healer or reader has done there OWN Inner work, dealt with their Demons and fears and conquered them. Most current mentors and healers are spiralling in their own cyclonic bouts of depression and lack of self worth while trying to teach, mentor and heal another soul in the same boat.

The danger of this is that both the mentor, reader / healer and the client perpetuate each other’s suffering and enhance it!


Make sure your coach, mentor, reader or healer has a track record of a faithful following of loyal clients. Clientele who are raving fans and can speak about SIGNIFICANT changes and results for the better in their lives, from working with the coach, mentor or spiritual healer you are hoping to hire.


Make sure that your potential coach, mentor, reader or healer is not simply copying the words, images and phrases from a TRUE visionary and passing it on as their own to Hook you in.

How can you tell? Do some digging and you will find the original visionary whose vision you truly seek.

It’s a little like many third rate design houses copy CHANEL but there is Only ONE bee that produces that original version of honey! Anything else is a substitute and an illusion!

Do Not be fooled by a mirage, you DESERVE the best.

Just because someone uses the words "alchemy, spiritual entrepreneur, guidance, reader and healer", does not mean they are offering you True wisdom from the perspective that is beyond regular levels of consciousness.

Also those who try to work on others on an energetic level, but are really working from the perspective of the mental sphere are treading on dangerous territory. It is extremely harmful for you as the client, not to mention the detrimental effect it can have on the actual person doing the work.

So in closing be very careful whom you hire to work on you, your soul, your body, your emotions, your mind or your business.

I wish you a joyous day.

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Joyous Blessings

Soul Enchantress

Sorceress | Soul Healer | Cosmic Channeler

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