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Who Are Your Galactic Guides?

If you are a client of mine and are reading this you will have a smile on your face as you read, however if you are new to my work you are about to be stunned, so I suggest sitting down. Your galactic guides are not spirit guides or any other form of fourth or fifth dimensional energy, archetype or deity. Galactic Guides are extremely high vibrational streams of consciousness. In order to connect with the specific guide or vibration, you need to vibrate at a higher level than you would normally. Also the messages and guidance they bring carry within them cosmic and galactic concepts. Sometimes their messages contain Cosmic Activation Transmissions, as my clients will tell you. These transmissions are power packed sound bytes of star energy frequencies. It really does feel like “visiting a spa for your soul”, this is actually how my clients’ describe their cosmic transmissions. When you receive a message from one of your galactic guide’s stream of consciousness, you do need to take the time for each message to sink into your energetic body and integrate its energetic vibrations with your own. The galactic guide or guides that come forward depends on your questions, the guidance you are meant to receive and your vibrational frequency. The messages are deep, profound and out of this world. Your galactic guides are in fact YOU from a different galaxy, a different dimension, a different vibrational frequency and from a different cosmic concept of what you call reality! I would love to hear from you if you would like to Connect with Your Galactic Guides. TO WORK WITH ME: Please visit

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