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If you daydream about traveling to far off places and romanticize about how wonderful your life will be if you could travel the world all the time, this article will shatter your beliefs! So if you want to live in your three dimensional bubble, I suggest you don’t read it :) Feeling brave? Read on...

You have decided to house your soul in a vehicle you call a body, for your experiences in this lifetime. Therefore any and all experiences of your body, also becomes an experience of your soul, as long as you are housed within it. When you travel, experience jetlag and the havoc time zones reak on your physical body, you are in fact hurting your physical health. Your body is under so much stress, that it has to keep adjusting to new sleeping and nourishing patterns.

Sometimes you can get sick due to the pollutants and toxic energies you are surrounded by during your flights. What all of this does is un-align your soul from your body. You become a zombie, trying to adjust and adapt to your changing environments. Doing the kind of work I do and experiencing bliss on levels most people only dream of, I can say without a doubt, that travel is possibly the easiest way to kick your body out of alignment (yes I am writing this while travelling!). If you want to experience, true bliss and peace, joy and meaning in your life at all levels and in all areas of work, love, family, social and spiritual.

Do not buy into the escapism matrix of traveling, built by those who are stuck so badly in their 3D experience that they don’t know any better. You can experience all the beauty the world has to offer, without having to become a frequent traveller in the physical realm. By all means yes travel to other countries, experience the joy of other cultures and meet new people, but do not over do it. I also offer Swap Your Timeline soul sessions, if you want to change your current experiences and heal parts of yourself that you may have left behind in another reality. The point of this article is so you travel because you love it and for a specific purpose, not because you want to buy into a hologram of duality. Your home IS the sweetest place on earth, because it nourishes every part of the true you. If you would like to work with me, I would love to hear from you! Please reach out via 💕 Joyous Blessings Soul Enchantress

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