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Making a BOLD Move!

Is it time for you to make a bold move?

How do synchronistic signs work?

Here's a little example of mine.

All day today I was faced with imagery of Lions!

I mean lions of every kind, sculptures to chocolate to statues to even the door knob pictured here in this post.

Lions don't simply mean bold moves, but my intuition tells me without a doubt that these particular synchronistic events are all about bold moves.

As a result I have taken a few steps to action and activate speaking and broadcasting opportunities that have shown up.

So when you feel the unmistakable urge to make a bold Move, heed the call, gather your strength and take the actions you are guided to.

If as always you would like my help to decode your synchronistic events or understand what bold moves would help you right now, I would love to hear from you.

Please contact me via


Joyous Blessings

Soul Enchantress

soul enchantress, sacred money making, wisdom codes, making a bold move
The Soul Enchantress is an energetic visionary, wisdom keeper and cosmic seer, sorceress and shaman who works with clients around the globe.
She helps business leaders, star-seeds and seekers of soul-aligned fulfilment find solutions to their problems, achieve HUGE goals and design a luxuriously fulfilling soul~driven lifestyle that allows them to live, work and play on their terms.
Her work is highly sought after and you can Learn More here...

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