• Soul Enchantress

What Your Reaction to Cosmic Light Language Activation Transmissions Reveal About Your Soul!

For quite some time now I've noticed that I have been given information about the makeup of a Soul, depending on your reactions to my light language activation transmissions.

Your reaction reveals much about the journey of your soul.

It reveals among other factors the extent of the number of incarnations you have had on the earth!

Yes you heard right:)

Those of you who have very strong starseed heritages and lineages, react very differently to those who have had more earth based incarnations.

These revelations match information uncovered in Soul Readings I have done for clients, to uncover their galactic heritages, lives and soul's blueprints.

Your soul is an incredible entity and if you would like to explore its full potential let me know, because the adventures you embark on with me are guaranteed to be, out of this world!

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Joyous Blessings

Soul Enchantress

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