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This is an article I wrote many years ago and I have revived it to give it a New lease of Life!

it seemed appropriate since Death, Birth and Rebirth are simply different energetic formats…. Not unlike a cube of Ice melting into a pool of water and the water evaporating into the air.

so too is your birth, your death and your rebirth. They are simply different stages in the evolution of your soul.
There’s NOTHING to Fear.

Death is a topic that scares most adults and they would do anything to avoid any talk of it. Death is simply a transition from a physical state into an etheric state. Your soul does not change. Your soul has always existed and always will. Death is a little like changing your clothes from a day dress or a pair of jeans into an evening ball gown Or tuxedo! In other words, would you fear changing your clothes to attend a party? Of course not. Death is simply your soul exchanging your body (your day dress / jeans ), for your spirit self (your ball gown / tuxedo). Death should help you to embrace life to its fullest and accomplish your soul’s calling.

It’s your MIND that is Afraid….. NOT your soul. Because your soul has experienced death millions of times in various aspects of it, in multiple realms and dimensions and lifetimes! Instead of fearing death, create joy in each day for yourself. TIME Time does not exist in linear fashion INSTEAD Time is in fact a Spiral. So you can access your past, present and future lifetimes, in all dimensions that are relevant to your current life’s mission. LIVING THIS GLORIOUS LIFETIME Use the time you have in this physical body to explore, appreciate and savour life! Don’t waste your time fearing death. It will come calling and when it does, you will have nothing to fear.

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Soul enchantress , ancestral healing , talk to your ancestors, psychic medium

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