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This is a question I receive from my clients quite often. It is an experience that is even more prevalent, if you are awakening to your true power and understanding the real nature of your vast cosmic soul. As you become more aware of the temporary basis of your physical body and begin to understand the slow moving nature of your 3D realm, you automatically want to liberate yourself from this “prison". Which is how your physical reality may appear at times. It’s okay to feel this way, in fact it is quite normal and you were meant to feel this way. This was always part of your soul’s plan for your earth based experience. It is during these moments of yearning to flee or fly away or free yourself, that you begin to unravel even deeper into who you truly are. The reason you feel trapped or totally out of place and overwhelmed by an incomprehensible feeling, is because you are experiencing the 3D reality from the perspective of your "non physical" self. Your soul has NO form or restrictions. So if you are encapsulated within a body it will trigger feelings of claustrophobia. These moments are meant to be short lived and simply to be used as a trigger to connect with your vast consciousness and lift yourself to a higher vibration. So next time you feel the need to run, DO SO! No I am not crazy, run outside anywhere where you can see the sky, gaze at it, reach up to it, ground yourself back into the earth and you should feel whole again! Try it. If you would like to work with me, I would love to hear from you. Please contact me here. 💕 Joyous Blessings, Soul Enchantress Sorceress | Soul Healer | Cosmic Channeler ---------------------------------

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