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Your past lives are meant to be the lifetimes you spent on earth, prior to your current one.

What if I told you that is not totally accurate.

I help my clients to work through challenges affecting them energetically from other lifetimes. I do this by channeling messages and integrating these messages with their soul.

Past lifetimes don’t have to be from your earth based lives . In fact they can be from other dimensions and even other galaxies.

The concept of time must be understood to explain why it’s not really a past life.

Time is NOT linear.

Instead it is a spiral.

This has been confirmed with all the soul work I do.

Therefore there is NO past present or future. It is not linear. All possible outcomes exist simultaneously!

Your soul’s timeline is actually a spiral containing ALL of your lives, past, parallel and galactic. All accessible.

Therefore if your past is accessible and time is simultaneous, then really your Past Life IS in fact another form of a parallel life!

I bet your head is spinning right now! :)

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