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Experience the Exquisiteness of Vibrational Cosmic Sound Baths

Light language is literally a voice given to energy!

This sound frequency works at a cellular level and by passes your conscious mind’s objections.

So for example, the sounds that I create when I channel light language transmissions, can if that was the original intention, help to change your beliefs and habits that have plagued you, allowing the power of your subconscious to emanate from within.

In other words, these transmissions can instill new beliefs and stop you from self-sabotaging your success and more importantly your happiness.

This article is based upon my experiences and those of my clients.

So having said that, I get so excited when I speak about what this amazing force of energy is capable of achieving.

It can release negative thought patterns and beliefs. It can delete delays in manifestation. It can power up enchantments. Yes you heard right… my clients love using these transmissions to infuse a crystal or object (that they play the activation transmission to) with whatever they wanted me to create the transmission for.

Here’s an example: A light language transmission that is channeled to empower a specific crystal’s empowerment energies, can be used to activate that same crystal’s consciousness, to wake up it’s latent empowerment energies.

The stone literally does exhibit a different energy after its activation.

Then of course, you would carry the stone with you, which in turn infuses you with the energy of feeling empowered!

Sound healing occurs in many forms. I believe that light language or at least the frequency which I channel, is an extremely high vibrational energy stream, that has the power to enchant, heal, empower, protect or even destroy negativity.

I also channel light codes for clients.

This is the written version of light language.

The codes have kept on changing, as my clients’ progress with their soul work.

Plus the beauty of these stunning light codes is that they work very similarly to the transmissions and can activate whatever is placed on them, especially digital Talismans that I have been lead to create using light codes!

As blessed and grateful as I am to be able to channel this astounding stream of powerful energy and its ability to turn itself into talismans and as a tool of channeling messages for my clients, I am very much aware that it is not I that is doing any of the work.

I am simply the conduit through which these gifts work, to bring change and raise vibrations of those who hear it, see it, feel it, touch it or receive it.

Finally as a blessing I have included a channeled Light Code Talisman for you! The image that accompanies these words of mine is a blessing for you. It will give you what you MOST need at this time.

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Joyous Blessings. Soul Enchantress

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