What Causes Your Money Blocks & How To Identify Them

Let’s face it, in order to live a comfortable life on planet earth, you require the currency known as money. Therefore, we come to the conclusion that money IS a required energy to fulfil your PHYSICAL desires during your lifetime. The following article is based on my experiences with the work I do with my clients both with business owners and those who work for a wage, career etc. The way I define Money Blocks, is simply as an energetic frequency that BLOCKS or hinders the smooth FLOW of the energetic frequency of your money. BOTH the block and your money are energetic frequencies. There are roughly three types of money blocks, these can be categorised into short, medium and long term energ

Why You Should STOP Looking For Predictions

How You Are Becoming a Slave Instead of the Master of Your Destiny by Searching For Predictions! Yet another email arriving in my inbox promoting another divination tool, sent me on a spinning reel of messages that decided to pour in and this article is the result. There is a huge trend among people seeking answers and guidance to everyday challenges and problems to look for predictions. These predictions that they or you are seeking, is to receive a definitive answer to your question. So off you go to an astrologer, a tarot card reader, a psychic, a medium or maybe you pour over your now tools of divination. Oracle cards, tarot, runes, ogham, dice, charms and so this endless list goes on. T

Self Care Idea ~ Deletion Of Your Chakras

As radical as the deletion of your energetic system called the "chakras" sounds, this is a powerful step for empaths, parents, care givers and those in the business of serving others and running businesses. Now that you have gotten over your possible shock at the title of this article, let’s explore what it means shall we? Your chakra’s are an energetic feedback system, that exists outside your physical body (I have a video on this on my YouTube channel). There are seven main chakra centres that are widely known, although there are many more than that number in reality. However, for the purpose of this article the chakras being spoken about and addressed are the main seven.These are your Cro

Why You MUST Fill Yourself Up First Before Giving To Another

“Your cup runneth over” is part of an ancient verse. It also synchronistically played over and over in my mind (out of nowhere, I might add) after a soul Journey session in December. The reason I mention this verse and my soul journey session, is that it was all related to preparing for a new year. The message I am trying to convey through this article is simple, You MUST fill YOURSELF up BEFORE you help another. For when you actively practice this, you will find that you can GIVE of your talents, your kindness, your empathy and even of yourself WITHOUT depleting your energies. Thereby you are able to give INFINITELY. Which is in stark contrast to what happens with many people. I've found th

How To Manifest The Outcome You ACTUALLY Want

Want to Know The Reason Why You Keep Manifesting the Results and Outcomes You DON'T Want? When you set an intention or a goal or maybe a new year’s resolution, do you find that you actually receive the OPPOSITE of what you set as a goal, intended or made the resolution about? This is a common occurrence in many peoples' lives. The solution is SIMPLE yet implementing it takes mental, emotional and energetic skill. It’s the implementation of the simple solution, that I have found in my experience most people struggle with. A crucial part of the work I do, is to make sure my clients keep implementing the strategy and have the tools to stay on the path to receiving their outcome. The result the

How You Can CHANGE Your Horoscope Predictions & What Your Future REALLY Holds For You

Have you ever received a custom created horoscope reading that alarmed you? Upset you? Or straight out FREAKED you out? The reason for my writing this article is due to one of my clients having exactly that reaction to a prediction made via a horoscope reading over a year ago. So why am I writing these words now? Because this prediction was done before they started working with me and over the last year it has actually created deep seeded energetic blocks within my client, who believed the doomed outcome would come true! This article will cover only personalised horoscope readings NOT the crazy general star sign stuff that appears every week in every magazine and newspaper. Here are the ques

How to Increase Your Money Flow

What you are about to read is a fascinating ENERGETIC phenomenon I have discovered, working with my clients who own businesses. However it applies to EVERYONE. So you will find a few gems you can use to increase your money flow in the next few paragraphs. As I so often “preach” Money, Prosperity and Wealth are three very different types of energies and they each have their OWN energetic strategies for accumulating each of them. Also you need all three energies in your life to lead a fulfilling existence on earth. Having said that, here’s what I have noticed about these energies and how they behave. If you have a ratio of increased Prosperity (luxuries that you do not have to physically pay f

Why LOVE is NOT the Highest Vibration : The Shocking Truth

This article is going to ruffle quite a few feathers so be warned. Over the years many spiritual leaders and followers have believed that love is the highest vibration and love is unity consciousness. However what I am about to reveal to you is going to disprove this theory and probably shock you. Love is NOT the highest vibration nor is it unity consciousness! Before I explain the reasons of why love is not the highest vibration, you need to understand why most believe that it is. Most of the collective information that exists has been channelled from the fourth or fifth or six dimensional realms. This is also the reason why most people worship deities from the fourth and fifth dimensional

Startling Scary Revelations On Imposter Syndrome... A Cautionary Tale

There are many schools of thought and many definitions of the imposter syndrome. In this article I want to address the areas of mentoring, coaching, spiritual guidance and healing. Quite frequently and recently I have been watching with rising alarm, as business coaches, mentors, healers, readers and offerers of spiritual guidance come out of the woodwork. These imposters peddle their wares and services on social media, some have large followings gained from clever advertising campaigns designed to hook You the seeker and person needing genuine help. I feel compelled to write this article as a Cautionary Tale so take from it what you will. With a host of new clients I have noticed an alarmin

Are You Afraid To Be Powerful?

Quite regularly someone will ask me if I require "permission" from people for me to channel information about them or for works of sorcery. My truthful reply always brings out a gasp of astonishment and every so often a knowing smile from my querent. Before I tell you my answer, I would like to explain the reason I am guided to write this article. That is, that all too often I find people are AFRAID to BE powerful. Most believe that they will be judged, become an outcast or disappoint those they love. So my question to you is Are you afraid to BE powerful? Ask yourself this, What innate abilities and talents are you hiding because you are afraid of being judged or because you fear that you w

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